Our Fees


As of 1st November 2023 the Government will be increasing the bulk bill incentive for General Practitioners

This means that we will be able to offer more bulk billed services to eligible patients.

  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Patients with a Commonwealth concession card

**Increases to the bulk bill incentive enables us to provide better access to affordable General Practice services**

Item Fee Out of Pocket
Private 23 – Single Issue Consult $86.45 $45.35
36 – Multiple Issue Consult $124.95 $45.35
Health Care Card 23 – Single Issue Consult $70.45 $29.25
36 – Multiple Issue Consult $108.95 $29.25
Pension Concession Card 23 – Single Issue Consult $66.20 $25.00
36 – Multiple Issue Consult $104.70 $25.00


After Hours Fees


Item Fee Out of Pocket
Private 23 – Single Issue Consult $94.95 $53.75
36 – Multiple Issue Consult $137.15 $57.45
Health Care Card 23 – Single Issue Consult $77.35 $36.15
36 – Multiple Issue Consult $119.55 $39.85
Pension Concession Card 23 – Single Issue Consult $72.65 $31.45
36 – Multiple Issue Consult $114.90 $35.20


  • Payment in full is required on the day
  • We can submit your claim to Medicare


We run an appointment system but keep appointment times available for urgent problems.  Standard appointments are 15 minutes but longer appointments for more complicated and complex issues are available on request.

Failure to keep an appointment may incur a fee.


Due to the high cost associated with wound care there is a nominal charge for dressings.

Procedure Fee

If your GP has suggested you have a small procedure done here at the clinic there will be a $50 gap fee not covered by Medicare or your private health insurance associated with this service.  This gap fee covers the additional cost of medical equipment and supplies in delivering this service.

Paying and getting the Medicare Rebate Quickly

Payment can be made after your consultation by cash, EFTPOS or credit card.

If you’ve registered your banking details with Medicare, our reception team will be able to process your claim on the spot. That saves you the hassle of a separate claims process and ensures you receive the rebate into your account quickly.

The Value of Quality Healthcare

We understand that knowing about fees is important to you as a patient, and that you see value in what we provide to you as a medical group.

Our fees enable us to provide the Bellarine community with highly skilled staff that deliver an accessible, quality healthcare service.

As GP’s, we see the value in promoting preventative medicine and not just providing a service where you may feel rushed, and the doctor feels rushed.


What do our fees cover?

– Skilled doctors and practice nurses
– Experienced administration and reception team who ensure our practice runs smoothly
– Ongoing education and training
– Accreditation so that you can be confident our practice meets high standards of quality and safety
– Premises that are comfortable and well equipped
– Medical equipment
– Insurances
– IT systems
– Medical software to keep you up to date with appointments and follow up plans


Why can’t you bulk bill everyone?

It is at the core of the Bellarine Medical Group’s beliefs to provide exceptional quality health care to the community.

Quality health care can’t be delivered in a hurry and relationships are built over time and mutual understanding and respect. You need time to explain how you are feeling and doctors need time to listen. Having enough time also enables the doctor to raise other important health issues that you may not have anticipated; prevention is better than a cure!

Unfortunately, your Medicare rebate only covers a small portion of the costs in providing quality care. General Practice’s are not subsidised by State or Federal Governments, unlike the hospital system. We are a locally owned small business.

Successive Federal governments have frozen your Medicare rebate or only lifted it marginally. The costs of running a medical practice have significantly increased over this time, like most businesses and industries in our economy. There have been additional issues where the Federal Health Department have removed item numbers and reduced bulk billing rebates.

If you are concerned with our fee structure, you may discuss this with our practice manager. Bellarine Medical Group also strongly encourages you to voice your concerns to the local Federal Member of Parliament, as the Federal Government dictates the level of your rebates. We are strong advocates that policies need to change to shift the focus to funding primary care, that is, general practice. There is a strong evidence base that well-funded primary care is the most cost effective and valuable component of the health care system.