Contraceptive Procedures

At Bellarine Medical Group, we offer a comprehensive range of contraceptive procedure options. It is best practice to discuss all your options with your regular GP, as there may be unique recommendations from patient to patient.


Most of our GP’s are trained to insert the Implanon contraceptive device.

Description – A 4cm-long, flexible plastic rod is inserted directly under the skin of the arm.

How it works – The implant contains a synthetic progesterone hormone, which is released into the bloodstream. Fertility often returns quickly upon removal.

Length of protection – 3 years

Considerations – You will require a local anaesthetic for insertion. You may feel a slight sting, and some women experience mild bruising.

Mirena IUD

The Mirena intra-uterine device is a safe and effective form of long-acting contraception. It requires additional expertise to insert this device.

Dr. Maxine Waycott and Dr. Aaranie Vithushen are both certified in Mirena IUD insertion. Please book a standard appointment to discuss the procedure.

Name – Mirena (‘progestogen IUD’)

Description – Mirena is a small, T-shaped device made of impregnated plastic that is placed inside the uterus.

How it works – The device releases a progestogen called levonorgestrel, this changes the cervical mucus and inhibits movement of sperm.

Length of protection – 5 years